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We firmly believe that the value of the company is created by the employees. The personal progress of the employees is closely related to the development of the company. The employees are tireless and the company is prosperous. The employees are determined to innovate and the company is energetic. Therefore, the company regards attracting talents, using talents, cultivating talents, and retaining talents as the core work, regards employees as the company's most precious wealth, and is willing to attract excellent employees, and hopes that every employee and enterprise will continue to develop together.

We choose the employee concept:

Emphasis on character, ability, and performance, and the use of employees in an eclectic manner.

We manage employee philosophy:

Always adhere to the "people-oriented, moral first" philosophy, respect, cultivate, trust, care for employees, and manage employees in a differentiated way.


Contact information:

Add: Puli Industrial Zone, Lilin Town, Zhongkai High-tech Zone, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province
Landline: 07523199330 transfer 8070 Miss Ye


position education work experience salary release time
System engineer College 1-3 year Negotiable 2019-06-28

1. Customer complaint related workers are preferred;

2. Proficient in iso9001-2015 / iso14001-2015 system application knowledge, with practical operation experience, able to independently deal with the factory inspection and audit work of the second party and the third party. Make reasonable planning and implementation arrangements for the company's daily audit and annual audit;

3. Good practical working style and strong team spirit;
At least 2 years working experience as system engineer in manufacturing industry.

QE engineer College 3-5 year Negotiable 2019-06-28

1. Junior college (or above) education level, at least three years of quality related work experience;

2. Proficient in the quality requirements of optical products, proficient in the application of 8D report, five quality tools and seven methods;

3. Strong problem analysis ability;
9924 4445-2|155 5644 5518 874, with a good pragmatic work style, a strong sense of team

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Address: Regency Plant Area, Plant B, No. 28,Dongmeng Road, Puzaiduzhu Village, Lilin Town, Zhongkai High-tech District, Huizhou, Guangdong, China.





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